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PRICING for landscape Design

Front Garden

Landscape Design for your front garden
2200 AED For Front Garden 3d Design
  • Front Yard 3D Design
  • Special & Unique design
  • Private Design only for you
  • You can make one edit for free
  • You can make one edit for free
  • Hardscape and softscape design
  • Professional Landscape Designers
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Full Garden

Full Landscape Design
3800 AED For Full Garden 3d Design
  • Full Landscape 3D Design
  • Front Yard Design
  • Back Yard Design
  • Special & Unique design
  • Private Design only for you
  • You can make one edit for free
  • You can make one edit for free
  • Hardscape and softscape design
  • Professional Landscape Designers

Back Garden

Landscape design for your back garden
3000 AED For Back Garden 3d Design
  • Back Yard 3D Design
  • Special & Unique design
  • Private Design only for you
  • You can make one edit for free
  • You can make one edit for free
  • Hardscape and softscape design
  • Professional Landscape Designers

Gardens & Landscape Designers in Dubai

We focus on creating unique and trendy landscape designs in Dubai, supporting our clients through design services until completion. Dubai is a hustle and bustle city, and the concept of landscape designing is tremendously increasing daily; people prefer the services of Landscape Design Dubai. Suppose you are willing to attain the Landscape designing service for your commercial or residential property. In that case, the Landscape designing company in Dubai is the best choice for your desires.

Top Landscape Designing

The Premium Choice for Landscape Design in Dubai

Looking for modern and unique Dubai landscape designs for your outdoor area of the property, or are you seeking extra luxurious landscape designs for your needs that straightly take you on peace of mind? So you haven’t to go anywhere because our company is the premium choice for Landscape Design Dubai that accumulates you with their best Landscape Design Ideas wheatear you renovate your outdoor space, add water features to your space, or remodel the villa landscaping, Landscape Design company in Dubai offers the best services and landscape design with maximum and unique results. 

Best Landscape Designing Studio in Dubai

We are the best Landscape Designing Studio in Dubai, specializing in designing and managing boutique commercial projects and high-end residential villas. We are a niche studio of experts who create unique, tailored, stylish, and trendy landscape designs, supporting our clients through the design process until completion. To create customized modern landscape designs that improve lives, encouraging sustainable practices throughout our landscape design process.

Our experienced landscape architects understand functionality, beauty, and the reality of construction to deliver a unique design that can transform your front and back yard landscapes in Dubai. Dubai is a city that has many beautiful and unique landscapes all over; Landscape Design Dubai-based properties are easily distinguishable from one another. Landscaping is an essential component of residential properties because it helps change the appearance of a property and make it stand out from its neighbors.

Suppose you are looking for a Landscape Design service in Dubai that offers you with its unique designs and services related to the outdoor area of your space. In that case, we are one of the top Landscape design studios in Dubai, with experienced experts in the landscape design of gardens. We consider all aspects of pools and landscaping, from design and specifications to maintenance and customer care.

We provide high-quality services, and the company has a knack for making each design reflect the unique character of its client, the site, and the budget – all at once that makes us, from the other companies, hold the title of the best and most unique Landscape Designing studio in Dubai.

Landscape Design for Dubai Homes and Businesses

Landscape design is a popular business nowadays. After finding the project relating to the house or businesses, it takes a lot more consideration than simply tossing a few flowers and shrubs together in the area left over. For Landscape design to the outer area of your property, Landscape Design company in Dubai offers you with its outstanding services and designs that are useful for your residential Landscape Design as well as commercial Landscape designs.

Residential Landscape Design

Updating your residential space based on landscape design Dubai of outer space is a great way to increase the value of your property and create outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining. Whether you want to focus on increasing your curb appeal with a reimagined front yard, create a backyard retreat with dining and entertaining areas, or both, there are many options and features to consider for residential Landscape Design.

Commercial Landscape Design

Commercial Landscape Designs for the outer spaces are a good idea for profitably boosting your businesses. Your business or building has a brand; your Landscape can speak to that. If you want to convey an image, whether it be soothing, healing, sustainable, fun, professional, or edgy and forward-thinking, there are landscape elements that can translate that message, such as dancing fountains, add benches, tables and chairs, and low walls for seating, people will stay and enjoy the outdoor space. Also, highlight the entrance point adding native plants and trees that adds beauty to your space.

landscape design Dubai

 Landscape Design in Dubai - Advantages & Prices

A manicured garden adds a cozy space in your outer area during cooler evenings. A well Landscape Design Dubai garden is a great way to build up the look of your space where you spend good quality time. Much like other aspects of home maintenance, the average garden landscaping cost in Dubai varies. Landscape designing company in Dubai charges differently according to the requirements and structure.

Because of the warm weather in Dubai, gardening has often been considered a luxury style of living. With the use of modern technology and improving techniques in planting, adding different features of water shrubs make a home with a lawn a verdant garden and creates a lush look without leaving a hole in their bank account. 

The cost of Landscape Design Dubai’s outer area of your residential or commercial depends on several factors. Your average cost of landscaping a garden depends on whether you hire a Landscape Designers or Garden Designers will vary based on the following: 

  • The cost of Landscaping Design depends on your garden size.
  • The cost also measures in Landscaping design and features you chose for your outer area.
  • Another main factor in determining the cost is the material used for Landscape Design Dubai.
  • The cost related to hiring a Landscape designing company in Dubai to install lighting and irrigation in your areas—lighting and irrigation installations.

Let's Design Your Landscape

Landscape designs are mainly used to plan the structure for an outdoor area, whether a personal garden plan for your home or a commercial plan for a business or community area. You can select many designs for the outer look of your space, such as a gazebo, or a Pergola, adding patio tiles on the entrance to look more appealing and flowers and plants to enhance the Garden Design Dubai beauty. 

Updating your commercial or residential property with Landscape Designs is a great way to enhance the beauty of homes and businesses. Also, it increases curb appeal, makes outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining, and attracts more buyers to the businesses. Whether you want to focus on increasing your curb appeal with a reimagined front yard, create a backyard retreat with dining and entertaining areas, or both, there are many options and features to consider.

  • Fencing can be purely functional, purely decorative, or somewhere between, adding a personal effect on your outer space. 
  • Stock tank pools are having a moment, thanks in no small part to their rustic charm and relatively affordable price tag.
  • A path’s size, shape, and composition all impact the look and function of a landscape design. 
  • Lighting can make yards safer and more attractive, but there is an art to lighting design. 
  • Fire pits are among the most commonly requested features in Yardzen designs.

Customize your garden with our Landscape designers

There must be a space in your garden that works for you; Landscape Designs of your Gardens and outdoor spaces make a huge difference to the property. We, with our experts and Garden designers or Landscape Designers, plan and install quality custom-built gardens and outdoor spaces that meet your needs. 

Outdoor swimming pools have a daunting effect on your garden. Garden Designers make a plan to layout the Landscape Designs step by step. Landscape designing company in Dubai

United Arab Emirates and Landscaping make up our team to offer the best Landscape Design in Dubai; your front and back yard landscaping in Dubai could significantly alter.

Order your landscape design in Dubai

Landscaping can be broadly divided into two categories: softscaping and hardscaping, as discussed above. We have experience in Landscaping design over the 2 decades through our expert Landscaper Designers and Garden Designers who are provided with the modern and latest Landscapes Designs in Dubai, having complete knowledge of Dubai’s landscapes, its environment, and soil changes from time to time.

If you have large or small outer space in your area and want to utilize it and make it a cozy place where you spend some quality time, you need not worry; order your landscape design today from our experts to attain the Landscape Design service in Dubai. Whether you choose the Landscape Design of a Zen garden, add wall-mounted water fountains, or choose artificial grass for your lawn, our Landscaper Designers provide all these services.

Request Your Landscape Design in Dubai Today

Suppose you want to turn your outdoor space into a landscape or modify your garden to make it more wonderful. In that case, you can contact our company, Gardens market landscaping company in Dubai, by calling the following Mobile Number 009715503226994; you can also contact our company through our Email [email protected] to get the best Landscape Design Dubai. 

Common Landscaping Design Questions​

Landscape designing is the process of combing nature and culture done by experts who have complete knowledge of soil, climate changes, and drainage system that affects throughout the year, so architecture makes full-proof Landscape Design Dubai for your outdoor space of your commercial or residential of equities.

You can use Landscape design has been incorporated into many projects, such as in parks, gardens, villas, and communities, so you can easily avail the services of the best Landscaping Design Dubai for your outdoor area.

The answer is yes; why not? If landscape design enhances your way of living and increases your property value, going for Landscaping Design Dubai for your outdoor area is a good idea. Landscape design is about transforming your yard into a beautiful retreat while minimizing human activities’ impact on the plants and the environment in your yard. 

Also, landscape designs help to clean the air. Dubai is an infrastructure and industrial city, so putting the flower bed in the garden by the Landscape Designers in Dubai in your outdoor space helps to clean the air as well as the soil.

Landscape design is the art of arranging and transforming the outer look of your commercial or residential space. However, it is further divided into two major elements that Landscape Design Dubai mostly uses in hardscape landscaping, which includes non-living elements such as paving and patio, and softscape landscaping, which involves living elements such as flowers and plants. The landscape design process is split into 5 steps.

  1. The Site Analysis
  2. Assessing the Client’s Needs
  3. Drawing Up a Functional Diagram
  4. Coming Up With a Conceptual Design
  5. Putting a Final Detailed Design Plan Together

A landscape designer, also called a landscape architect, constructs beautiful, functional outdoor spaces for homeowners, businesses, gardens, communities, schools, and other organizations. Landscape Designers typically follow these duties for the Landscape designs of the clients.

  • Landscape designers fix the meeting with clients, then meet up the plan with the engineers and architects to comprehend the essentials of a project.
  • Landscape designers make plans for the sites.
  •  Our experts Compose site plans, specifications, and cost estimates.
  • Our professionals conform the land features and structures with the clients. 
  • Landscape designers make 3D Projects visualize the idea more concisely.
  • Choose suitable landscaping materials.
  • Analyze environmental reports on land conditions, such as drainage and energy usage.

Gardens Market is the best Landscape Design Dubai-based company. We are best at landscaping designs, and Garden Design Dubai is our trademark; as a company, the key to success is good designs, the best quality material, an eco-friendly budget, and the utmost attention to the client’s desires. 

Landscape Design Company in Dubai merges years of knowledge and a skilled team of Landscape Designers and provides the best solution for designing outer space for clients. Landscape Design Company in Dubai specializes in blending beautiful and usable swimming pools, cabanas, pergolas, gazebos, and complete landscaping solutions for projects ranging from small homes to larger properties. 

Gardens take on many shapes, from rare plants in stunning pots to large luxurious plots in your backyard. You can relax, meditate, sit peacefully, enjoy the company of friends and families in your garden, and enjoy the private space. Garden Designers in Dubai can transform your small space into the luxurious one. Garden Designers at Milestone are ready to help bring your vision to life.

You can contact Landscape Designers through Instagram or visit our branch, or fix a Zoom meeting to discuss everything about the project of Landscape Design Dubai. Also, call our mentioned numbers which can get easily by the website.

The cost of landscaping services in Dubai differs according to the sqm area. You can calculate your cost by hiring a landscaping company for a quote. On average, the cost to landscape a small garden would start around AED 3,000. For landscaping, a bigger garden would start at AED 50000; it depends on your choices or selection of landscape features for your garden.

Use vertical space by growing a garden on a wall or fence. Use floating benches for built-in seating rather than bulky patio furniture. And select dwarf plant cultivars and ones with a narrow growth habit to conserve space. Many features add to the backyard area, such as an outdoor swimming pool, a pergola with a lighting effect, add a fire pit, make BBQ area, and add water features with rocks and stones.

Aside from location, curb attraction is one of the most significant supporters of your home’s value. And what adds value to your curb appeal? Your front yard landscaping. Here are a few features that add beauty to your front Landscape.

  1. Adding rocks on the outer area. 
  2. Add the effects of light. 
  3. Make a garden bed. 
  4. Cover the area you want with beautiful flowers.
  5. Add water shrubs.
  6.  Make floating stairs.

Suppose you are looking for the best landscape design companies in Dubai to build the perfect Landscape for your Villa Garden or your commercial; contact us now. We are pleased to assist you and answer all your questions regarding Landscape Design Dubai.

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