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Gold Gardens Abu Dhabi

Golf Gardens Abu Dhabi

Golf Gardens Abu Dhabi Overview

Golf Gardens is the first residential community developed in Abu Dhabi to combine golf and living. It is a gift for those who love to play golf and admire nature. The Golf Garden is an upscale community in Khalifa city, a neighborhood in Abu Dhabi. One of the prominent developers in UAE, Aldar properties, managed Golf Gardens. The Golf Garden was first launched in 2014 for the residents to move in.

Master Plan of Golf Gardens

Regardless of the scale, the master idea behind developing this project is to create a fabulous and relaxed metropolitan city that offers all the developed luxuries and sustainability according to the needs and demands of its habitants. The Central Plaza greets you at the Gardens Club. This project aims to build something according to the condition of the customer. Golf Gardens give you a garden walk, beautiful waterways, and a large canopy. The primary goal of Golf Garden is to facilitate and deliver livability to ensure quality and to promote warmth amongst the citizens living in the space. As a step towards comfortable living, every home will have access to the central lawns that house the Gardens Club.


Gold Gardens Abu Dhabi
Location and Accessibility of Golf Gardens

Golf Gardens is opposite Al Raha Beach, following Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St. You can reach the Abu Dhabi International Airport in under 20 minutes. A lesser distance is a convenient option for business owners who travel regularly. It is 15 minutes drive from the heart of Abu Dhabi and 45 minutes distant from Dubai.

Golf Gardens Community Retail Destinations

Golf Garden community themes were motivated by the green and floral gardens. The main inspiration behind the Golf Garden is the flowers, Jouri, Gardenia, Khuzama, Lailak, Narjis, and Orchid. Golf Gardens provide a perfect luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

Residency Units available in Golf Gardens

A gated residential feature with two unit types in Golf Gardens for the residents is available.

Golf Gardens Villa Style houses:

Tenants can select 3-6 bedroom villas from the style options available, including Gardenia, Narjis, Orchid, and Lailak. Each villa has a private swimming pool for the lodgers and buyers.

Golf Gardens Townhouses:

Townhouses comprise two design styles. The Jouri and Khuzama style houses have 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom townhouses available for buyers or tenants.

The Popular Projects of Golf Garden

There are three most popular projects in Golf Gardens.


Khuzama is a collection of 4-Bedroom townhouses, ideal for comparatively small families. The area ranges from 3,600 sq. ft to 3,681 sq. ft. Homeowners have a 2-car garage, patio, balcony, terrace, lobby, and quarter for maids. The starting price of Khuzama is AED 3.3M.


Next is the Orchid. This form has 6-bedroom Villas of 6,885 sq. ft to 7,276 sq. ft. Residents will be given a swimming pool, large-sized family room, terrace, and garden expansion on either side of the villa. A 2-staff room and a 2-car garage are also available. Anyone interested can buy the Orchid Villa for around AED 7M.


The third popular type of villa has 4-bedroom layouts and a size of 4,400 sq. Like the previously mentioned kids of villas, Gardenia villas have a private swimming pool, terraces, and a 2-car garage. The minimum cost of a Gardenia villa is 4.3M AED.

Rental Perspectives in Golf Garden

To give a quick and general rental perspective, the rental cost of a 3-bedroom residence starts at AED 140K per year. However, the purchasing price of the same property is AED 2.38M. That is perfect for small families.
On the contrary 4-bedroom Villas will cost around 3M. You can get them at a rental price of AED 200K yearly.

Special Features offered in Golf Gardens

Golf Gardens Abu Dhabi provide services to homeowners so that they can socialize with each other and spend quality time. Many world-class living benefits are here for the residents of the Golf Gardens Abu Dhabi.

  • Beachfront golf course for all golf enthusiasts.
  • Sports centers provide many healthy sports activities.
  • Squash courts
  • Cabanas
  • Childcare services
  • Children’s play areas and pool
  • BBQ area
  • Infinity pool (229 ft)
  • Lap pool (164 ft)
  • Large podium
  • exceptional and prime hotels
  • world-class educational possibilities
  • landscaped gardens
  • Three gyms, Two mixed and 1 for females (providing yoga, pilates, and spin classes)
  • Mosque
  • 2 Tennis Court and lessons
  • Club House
  • Game room
  • Sauna and Steam room
  • 24-hour security
  • Garden Lights View.
  • concierge services
  • Excellent public transport infrastructure for the residents

Economic Appeal

Golf Garden offers complete ownership to its citizens. Besides, Foreigners can only rent and live in the Golf Gardens. They are not allowed to buy the property. This way, homeowners in Golf Gardens Abu Dhabi can generate income by renting their properties.

Reasons to invest in Golf Garden Abu Dhabi

The capital city of UAE is Abu Dhabi which has a population of 9.9 million people, including foreigners. People from different parts of the world get attracted to the natural beauty, vibrant culture, inspiring heritage, and dynamic landscapes of Abu Dhabi, provided by different Landscaping Company in Abu Dhabi. The cycle of the real estate boom in Abu Dhabi, as That is the ideal time to invest in the Golf Garden. Golf Garden is one of the leading projects of Abu Dhabi. There are many grounds for you to invest in Golf Garden Abu Dhabi.
Some of the reasons to invest in Golf Garden are

  • Golf Garden ensures 100% security and safety to its residents.
  • There is 100 % assurance of the quality of the infrastructure.
  • You can avail the opportunity for your kids to join international-level education.
  • Medical facilities are up to the mark.
  • Investing now provides you with a significant possibility for a profit afterward.
  • Currently, interest rates are low. It means investors with capital can secure low-priced allowances.


Golf Garden Abu Dhabi Conclusion

Thanks to its luscious verdant spaces and top-notch amenities provided in the community, Golf Gardens Abu Dhabi was one of the famous areas for luxury villa rentals and purchases in 2021. It is still a hot spot for everyone in real estate.

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